Saturday 6th April, 2013…Updates? Updates.

If you couldn’t tell from the title……we bring updates. It’s clearly been a while since our last update, but we’ve been silently(and slowly) plugging away at our next release. Sometimes there’s just no point in pointless drivel and the best choice of action is to work. All of our newer recruits never panned out, and some of our current members understandably have been pretty busy. Never the less….we work.

Our ever talented and dedicated lead mapper, Caffeine Freak, continues to map. Of our 8 total levels to be included in next release, 6 of them are more or less complete. 1 is blocked out well enough and the other currently being built. It’s getting closer, but more is still needed. We are aiming for end of year, but it’s still too soon to promise that.

We are standalone as previously posted. It’s still pretty exciting as it was when we first broke our ties to Doom 3. We are fans, freely working on a free game, hopefully, for your future enjoyment of the Hexen world. With all of that being said though, we are actively looking for more talent to help us accomplish our goals in shorter time.

We’d love for some extra art help. Concept, 3D or 2D(in that priority of need) would be fantastic. We still have an active artist but someone to help him by creating concepts would go a long way in wrapping up some of our remaining static and weapon model tasks. A character artist would ultimately help for the future as well. Either way, we’d love to hear from you even if concept drawing is your main focus. Beyond art asset creation, we are always open to the other fields as well. Level designers of course, but even an extra programmer never hurts(especially if you are experienced in Linux and OSX).

Now the fun stuff! In our silence, we decided to break it with some game footage with new weapons and monsters in action in some of our new levels. We hope you enjoy it and the new music from Mystic Realmz! The more classic styled tunes have really been adding some great back drops to all of our levels. Enjoy!

Game on.

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