READ FIRST: Forum Rules, Warnings, Bans and the Gods

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READ FIRST: Forum Rules, Warnings, Bans and the Gods

Postby BloodRayne » Tue May 04, 2010 1:33 pm

When communities get larger there inevitably comes a point where one must make rules in order for discussion to stay sane and proper. Us guys of the mod are just regular Joes like you and your girlfriend and we wish to put as much of our free time into modding as possible. Our rules are very easily understandable, and they are enforced by us with vigour; simply because we don't have time for internet drama.

Follow the rules and we'll have a great time!
Don't follow them and we'll ban you (forever and ever and ever).

These are our rules:

1) The moderators are King, what they say 'goes'... without discussion. (Yes, even if they are being unfair)
2) Do not troll...Moderators decide what constitutes as trolling, if you don't agree, see rule No. 1.
3) You get 2 warnings, then if it turns out you couldn't listen... a Permanent Ban.
4) Do not verbally, personally, attack other users or the team.
5) Do not post Warez or Porn.
6) In case of suspicion of illegal activities, we always inform the proper authorities (that's no joke)
7) Do not, ever personally or verbally threaten any user on this board.
8) Post questions about the forum in the QSF area (link)
9) Post questions about the MOD in the Edge Of Chaos Total Conversion area (link)
10) If you have 2 warnings then consider yourself happy, because you just got one last chance!
11) Be reasonable

These rules are self explanatory and we expect everybody to follow them.
Think! It ain't illegal yet!

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