Hexen II is kicking my ass......

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Re: Hexen II is kicking my ass......

Postby deadite4 » Sat May 28, 2011 4:19 pm

I gotta take some time and try to go through Hexen 2 again. Haven't played it in years.
Sounds Great. Do it again.

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Re: Hexen II is kicking my ass......

Postby RaVeN » Mon May 30, 2011 8:41 am

we, recently played hexen2 deathmatch via internet (hexenworld)
now i know how to minimize lags - in console
pushlatency -999
also look here: its good resources for hexen2
http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-talk/o ... -post.html
i guess FTEQW have good future for hexen2

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Re: Hexen II is kicking my ass......

Postby Necrofan » Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:24 am

There are several ways to save ammo in Hexen 2. The Necromancer and Assassin have very efficient green mana weapons (if you tap the firing key with the bone shard and have good aim with the grenades) so these characters generally don't have very big mana problems after they acquire these weapons in the 2nd world. In the 1st world admittedly ammo is a little short for everyone in the hardest mode of game play. Even the Necromancer seems to start off as more of an enchanted cleric than a full wizard. Here are several ways to save ammo in the first world.

1. The Necro's Reapper-Touch-of-Death: As the Necromancer, rather than shooting 8 units of mana (4 magic missiles) at an archer, just shoot an archer with 6 units, strafing to avoid arrows. Then, switch to the melee weapon. Now strafe (to avoid that last arrow) while running forward to give him a whack (touch of death). The Necromancer's sickle should be fast enough for two whacks before the archer can shoot again if performed right, and he usually needs just one whack to defeat the archer. The Crusader and Assassin can also perform their version of this maneuver. The Crusader's hammer seems to always be strong enough with one hit (but don't miss), and this strategy works well for the assassin too. This strategy generally can't apply to the Paladin until he gets a ranged weapon in later worlds... This strategy alone will stretch your mana considerably and is fairly practical.

2. Whack those spiders - spiders generally don't do much damage, especially if you crouch while whacking and moving slowly backwards to fight them one at a time.

3. Use those disks of repulsion - if desperate for ammo then at every opportunity drown archers conveniently near water (the moat, the pool in "The Palace Entrance", the archer next to the Bones of Loric), throw those scorpions at the beginning of world 2 in the lava not to mention those were jaguars and panthers. You'll still have disks leftover so other less damaging uses for disks include repelling enemy arrows, ballista arrows, imp and skull wizard blasts.

4. Use those chaos devices - a standard golem generally takes about 20 blue mana and there are 4 chaos devices I know of in the 1st world. 80 mana in savings is no small contribution... Simply lure a golem next to the starting point at a gate then just as the position is perfect, right before he punches you in the face, teleport on his location and see him crumble! A little trivia: you can defeat Pestilence (Egypt boss) with a single chaos device in the same way! (maybe you would think this is too cheesy though)

5. Let that first Krater of Might mature - if at all possible keep it until it can mature and be worth more mana, until level 6 toward the end of world 1.

6. Use those glyphs of the ancients - the assassin has excellent and powerful grenades which she can throw. Each of them can take out a golem and sometimes a golden archer lord. The necromancer's grenades do less damage but can take out or severely damage a standard archer. The Crusader has difficulty using his without pretty close to an enemy. The Paladin can throw these and they are powerful like the Assassins.

7. Instead of using mana on them, use that ballista to take out the three archers next to the "old tower" and also the hydra down below in the moat. You have to enter to castle to get to the ballista. Once in, take the passage to the ballista which is behind those 3 big ceramic pots (2 of which have disks of repulsion in them).

8. Corners - if for some reason you are desperate for ammo you can lure an archer near a 90 degree corner. As he goes around give him a few whacks before strafing and backing away to avoid his arrow. Repeat as many times as needed and however desperate for ammo you are.

9. The Strafer's Delight - use this maneuver only if you are good at strafing or are desperate for ammo so that you're are willing to overlook its cheesiness (so maybe it doesn't count). Strafe around two or more archers (which effectively herds them together). As they shoot at you they sometimes shoot and damage each other.

If all else fails get good at ducking arrows up close and whacking those archers! After all, there are health vials and health potions so you can balance melee attacks (and your health) against your blue mana level. Getting used to the way the archers move and react really helps. Of course better aim and fewer misses always helps. Don't save too much mana, the point of mana is to keep your character alive! Good luck.

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