Saturday 3rd August, 2013...Quick Update, Need Textures.

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Saturday 3rd August, 2013...Quick Update, Need Textures.

Postby teameoc » Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:10 am

Just a quick update for everyone. We've had some inquiries as to how things are going and such. We keep chipping away! Caffeine Freak, our lead level designer, has been a lot of patch geometry in our new levels with terrain models and making tons of progress. Most of the 9 levels to be included in the next release are built out. Mainly just 2 levels left need most of the work still.

With a lot of this new terrain modeling however, we really could use a texture artist. Contact us if interested! It would really help and allow the new terrain to shine for an artist to go through and create some great new textures for them. Someone dedicated to that task would help speed things up significantly in the future.

Enjoy a few new shots below. We have finally gotten the player model rig in game which is exciting! Happy Quakecon to all.

Game on.


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