Thursday 9th February, 2012...New Modelers

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Thursday 9th February, 2012...New Modelers

Postby deadite4 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:48 am

While it's been an extended delay between postings, we certainly bring good news(don't we always?). To start off please note that we have moved our main domain to and the old .com is forwarding for now. The whole team keeps rolling on as we have been. We've moved development entirely over to standalone now with the GPL code due to the exhaustive work put forth from our programmer Solarsplace. At the moment the team is sort of split between 2 goals. Level designers and modelers continue to focus on our next release in terms of levels and game content while the other few of us have been focusing the majority of our time on fixing the holes that were presented by dropping Doom 3 as our base. There's still plenty of work to be done on both fronts but work continues to get done daily.

On top of that a previous modeler, Zurra, has returned to the team! His main focus is static modeling as it was before and it is certainly great to have him back. You can recognize some of his previous work on the team in the form of the boots of speed and chaos device. He's currently working on wrapping up some other much needed pickup models.

Also joining us in the static modeling department is Gavlig! Joining just a few days after Zurra, he has been tasked for the moment primarily as supporting our level designers with much needed models for props and quests. It's definitely perfect timing for our designers.

With all of the new members over the last 2 years we have amassed quite a new team and because of this will be resuming our old "Meet the developers" interview style posts on a twice monthly timeline. It's a great way for individual members to get their background out there if they choose. We hope everyone enjoys it!

As always if there are any interested developers our there, especially level designers, we'd love to hear from you!

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