Thursday 22nd December, 2011...Code Digging

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Thursday 22nd December, 2011...Code Digging

Postby deadite4 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:42 am

For anyone who has stopped by our twitter page lately you probably know that we've been making solid progress on moving the project to a standalone, free game. Our programmer, Solarsplace, has been hard at work getting all the code, scripts, and defs all set up for quite some time now. Mr. Rocket has been hard at work creating any needed art to fill in some of our lingering holes.

Fortunately for the majority of the project we kept fairly strict rules of avoiding anything from Doom 3 as much as we possibly could throughout the development of the project. While some things inevitably inherited Doom 3 things, the amount has been incredible low compared to what it could have been. This has made our move progress at a rather fast pace. We'll have some more detailed information on that next month when we hopefully are in the final stages of the move. We'll continue to be posting small updates via twitter until then, so be sure to check us out!

Also recently we posted a track from our new composer Mystic Realmz. It's one of his first, complete tracks and is already being used with more on the way. The whole team is quite excited with all the new music!

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