Bosses for HEXEN: EoC?

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Bosses for HEXEN: EoC?

Postby Serpent Gollum » Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:15 am

I am the Gollum of the Serpent Riders. Fear my throat gurgling!

My regards to the team. You are fulfilling a grand design by developing a direct sequel to the original HEXEN for DOOM 3. It’s awesome that you’re returning players back to that insane world, with its desolate medieval hubs, freaky art direction, and variety of grotesque monstrous minions (Not to mention the SUPER SOLVERS-like puzzles which really elevated HEXEN beyond HERETIC). DOOM 3 is the right engine to power such a mod, and I hope you’ll be able to take advantage more of the animation and A.I. capabilities for the enemies in order to make the experience even more insane.

One element I am hoping to see in EDGE OF CHAOS, besides the return of a lot of the classic enemies and further exploration of the classic HEXEN setting, is a menagerie of new HEXEN/HERETIC styled bosses. It seemed that HEXEN’s boss fights were more unique and stranger than HERETIC’s, because of how they weren’t in the mold of DOOM bosses (i.e. Maulotaur for Cyberdemon). Well, that’s not quite true. HERETIC’s bosses were very unique unto themselves. D’Sparil and the Iron Lich were very uniquely designed, and the fight with D’Sparil was way beyond the last boss fight in DOOM 1.

Anyway, what bosses could we expect from EoC? Let me ask my fellow heretics and hexens: what kinds of bosses do you want to see? I know what I want to see: wholly new bosses, both monster and undead official, who are designed in the spirit of the original HEXEN, and are powered with the best capabilities of the D3 engine. The question is: what will they be?
Korax and the three officials he seduced are dead, so who remain? Gigantic chaos serpents of colossal stalkers? Return of the Death Wyvern? A female version of Heresiarch or D’Sparil? An Elven Serpent Rider priest from HERETIC’s dimension? (I’m being intentionally uninspired at the moment). What should we expect?

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Re: Bosses for HEXEN: EoC?

Postby deadite4 » Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:28 pm

As far as our project goes the first planned boss is the Afrit Queen. She's actually modelled, textured, and partially animated.
Sounds Great. Do it again.

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