Hexen: Rebirth of Chaos

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Hexen: Rebirth of Chaos

Postby ShadesMaster » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:24 am


Hey there, all! It's been a minute since anything for this has been done. If serious work on this were to continue, we could a) stick with Doom 3... or, what I really wanna do... b) Use the at-this-point-superior Quake Darkplaces engine (a really advanced Quake 3 map format)!

With that engine, we can have a myriad of improvements:

- lightning that's not bland (sunlit sources with soft shadows, not all pointlights)
- a more robust foliage system
- superior and easy to implement enemy AI
- a mantling system, and grappling hook system like Doom Eternal (though limited to certain point objects in the level versus monsters or, just anywhere)
- higher-res textures (EOC had alot of 512's whereas what I know now with filterforge, etc... is far better!)
- vastly superior particle effects.

The first level was my layout and I could convert that (from scratch) mad easily. I'd also change story elements here or there, such as making it into ONE, new hero who was summoned (a HeXen / Heretic 'doomslayer' type?).

It would be better to use a map converter of sorts, since you can't just copy/ paste DoomEdit maps into Radient, but THIS one is as far as I know the only one and may work only one-way:


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