Information on the original Hexen

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Information on the original Hexen

Postby BloodRayne » Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:55 am

Hexen-1-256x256.png (88.34 KiB) Viewed 9221 times

A new series feature introduced in Hexen is the choice of character class. Players may choose to play as a fighter, cleric, or mage. Each character has unique weapons and physical characteristics, lending an additional degree of variety and replayability to the gameplay. The fighter relies mainly on melee attacks and is tougher and faster than the other characters. The cleric uses specialized weapons, some of which have limited range or healing effects. The mage uses long-range weapons, whose reach is counterbalanced by dealing relatively little damage and the fact that the mage is the most fragile of the classes.

Hexen introduces the concept of "hub" levels to the series, wherein the player travels back and forth between central hub levels and connected side levels. This is done in order to solve larger-scale puzzles that require a series of items or switches to be thrown. The player must traverse through a hub in order to reach a boss and advance to the next hub.

Hexen uses a modified version of the Doom engine, which allows jumping, network play with up to 8 players and the choice of three character classes. It also popularized the "hub system" of level progression in the genre of first-person shooter games. Unlike previous games, which had relied purely on MIDI for music, Hexen is also able to play tracks from CDs. The game's own CD contained soundtrack in audio format that was exactly the same as the game's MIDI soundtrack but played through a high quality sound module. However, the most significant improvement was the addition of wall translation, rotation and level scripting.

Engine modifications
"Polyobjects" are the walls which move within the game. Because the Doom engine uses the binary space partitioning system for rendering, it does not enable moving walls. Hexen's moving walls are actually one-sided lines built somewhere else on the map and rendered at the desired start spot when the level is loaded. This enables a pseudo-moving wall but does not allow moving sectors (such as seeing the tops of moving doors). This often creates problems in sectors which contain more than one node, explaining the relatively limited use of polyobjects.

Whereas Doom, Doom II, and Heretic rely on lines within the maps to perform simple actions, Hexen also allows these actions to be activated via Action Code Script (ACS). These scripts use a syntactic variant of C, thus allowing special sequencing of game actions. Programming features such as randomization, variables, and intermap script activation enable smooth hub gameplay and are responsible for most of the special effects within the game: On-screen messages; random sound effect and monster spawning; sidedef texture changes; versatile control of polyobjects; level initialization for deathmatch; and even complex environment changes such as earthquakes manipulating floor levels and textures.

Source code
In 1999 the source code of Hexen was released by Raven Software under a license that granted rights to non-commercial use, and was re-released under the GNU General Public License on September 4, 2008.[1] This allowed the game to be ported to different platforms such as Linux and OS/2 (EComStation).

Hexen is compatible with many Doom source ports; Hexen's features are also compatible with Doom WADs made for source ports regardless of what game they are being played on.

The score was composed by Kevin Schilder.

Expansion pack
Deathkings of the Dark Citadel is the official expansion pack that was released for Hexen. It features three more hubs, for a total of 20 new single player levels and a couple of deathmatch levels. Unlike the expansion pack for Heretic, it had to be purchased in retail stores or by mail order. This was unusual at the time, as most non-free expansion packs also included other new or revised gameplay elements. Also, this expansion pack did not initially include nor enable any music. Music could be fully enabled by applying a patch, specially released to address this issue (usually found online under the name "dkpatch").

The names of the expansion hubs are as follows:

* The Blight
* The Constable's Gate
* The Nave

Each of the hubs features new levels, one secret level per hub, and new puzzles based on the quest items from the original game (no new quest artifacts were added). The difficulty of the puzzles is mostly on the same level as in the original game. The overall game difficulty is slightly higher, as is typical for game expansions. The final level of the expansion, the Dark Citadel itself, is an arena-like level, which features teleporting waves of monsters and three bosses (Fighter, Cleric, and Mage clones).

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Re: Information on the original Hexen

Postby kurtkurt » Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:52 pm

In [link removed by deadite4] we have Hexen for all platforms that exist. We have Hexen for Linux, Mac, PSX, Saturn, Dreamcast and many more!!

[This edit goes along with the other about not posting links to anything warez]

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Re: Information on the original Hexen

Postby RaVeN » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:30 pm

HEXEN released on October 30th, Devil's Night.
HeXen 14 years old game. Today is HeXen birth day. Celebrating :D

This was originally intended to be an expansion pack of Heretic (1994) (VG) but was eventually released as a spin off, not an expansion pack.

The symbols on the green and blue mana are actually Japanese hiragana and katakana (phonetic symbols). The blue mana is a hiragana "to", the green mana a katakana "su".

There is a cheat code in the game named 'DELIVERANCE', which briefly turns the player into a pig, and displays the message "Squeal!". This is a reference to the movie Deliverance (1972)

Read it too

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Re: Information on the original Hexen

Postby TheSmasher42 » Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:20 pm

''The Story so Far...
The elders tell of the adventures of a heroic Sidhe elf who
challenged the forces of D'Sparil, the weakest of the three dimension-
traveling Serpent Riders. His victory was hardly insignificant, but
while he battled D'Sparil, the other two Serpent Riders were far from
idle. They were hard at work sowing the seeds of destruction in several
other dimensions. One such dimension is Cronos, the world of Hexen:
a human world, but one where the forces of magic are both stronger and
more strictly controlled than those of the Elven world.

The humans have learned from painful experience that while magic
can be a powerful tool, it also contains more destructive potential than
any other force in their universe. From this harsh realization a
disciplined and orderly society has developed, one where every citizen
knows his place, and where the vast majority of common men are held in
thrall to a few ruthless, powerful leaders. Wielding magical powers
and arcane artifacts, these men overshadow every other human force on
Cronos, suppressing individual thought and action in the name of the
greater good.

Within this strict order, three organizations maintain the fabric
of human society: the Legion, the Arcanum, and the Church. In an uneasy
balance often threatened by petty squabbles and escalating power
struggles, these three organizations share absolute dominion over all
humanity. The Legion represents human military strength, using brute
force backed by magical weapons to impose a strict and inflexible order
upon the populace. The Arcanum is the center of learning for all magical
studies, and as such it determines who will or will not have access to
its wealth of arcane secrets. The Church acts as a bridge and buffer
between the Legion and Arcanum, using a mixture of magic and military
training to maintain the balance of power while secretly furthering its
own interests. Together or separately, these three groups control every
aspect of human life.

Each organization is led by a single man: Zedek, Marshal of the
Legion; Traductus, Grand Patriarch of the Church; and Menelkir, Arch-Mage
of the Arcanum. These men are the ultimate embodiment of power on Cronos.
Cold, calculating and devoid of concern for anything but the advancement
of their own status, these leaders were the first to fall under the sway
of Korax, the second of the three Serpent Riders. In return for their
allegiance, Zedek, Traductus, and Menelkir were rewarded by Korax with
the dark gift of Unlife. Using the powers granted them by Korax, as
well as the relics already in their possession, all of humanity quickly
fell under their spell.

Only three humans escaped the aegis of the leaders' new powers:
Baratus, a Warrior of the Legion; Daedolon, a Mage of the Arcanum; and
Parias, a Cleric of the Church. Now these three have sworn to destroy
the leaders they once followed, and anything else that gets in the way
as they execute their task. Entering the mystical portal used by Korax
to reach their world, the three become hopelessly separated, forcing
each of them to attempt on their own that which they had little hope of
doing together; find Korax's stronghold, defeat his legions of grotesque
minions, and finally destroy the Serpent Rider himself.

Their task will be a different one indeed. It is well known
that Korax's special powers stem from his control of the Chaos Sphere,
which he uses to warp and corrupt everyone and everything he touches.
Though not the mightiest of the Serpent Riders, his hatred for all living
things not under his control. Can he be vanquished?

Only time will tell.''

Direct copy from the HeXeN manual found online here:
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-Rosa Luxemburg

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Re: Information on the original Hexen

Postby RaVeN » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:22 pm

Read it please!!!! Many interested facts!!!!

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Re: Information on the original Hexen

Postby RaVeN » Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:01 pm

This is playstation movies from hexen, very good stuff! Watch it!!!!
This is all descriptions of levels from hexen N64 version. Read it, interest!

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Re: Information on the original Hexen

Postby RaVeN » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:17 pm

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Re: Information on the original Hexen

Postby deadite4 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:42 pm

That's a long time later to write a review!
Sounds Great. Do it again.

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