Mageslayer Soundtrack (New)

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Mageslayer Soundtrack (New)

Postby S-Priest » Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:01 pm

Mageslayer is a game developed in 1997 by Raven Software, more or less concurrently with Hexen II. Based on the in-house Vampire engine, which is really curious. It's a full-3D-space engine with 2D sprites, solving the eternal camera angle alignment problem in an original fashion: it's top-down.

It's been described as a Gauntlet clone, but really it's more like an overhead Heretic game. Warlock, the original player class (there're 4), looks a lot like Corvus in Heretic. Mageslayer is even more like Heretic than Heretic II, as there're proper health artifacts.

The idea behind Vampire/Mageslayer makes a lot of sense, as it allows hand-drawn sprites for enemies (which back then, and still are more artistic in some ways than 3D models), much lower limits on enemy counts (rendering mobs with sprites is a lot lighter load than rendering mobs with 3D models), combined with full 3D space - allowing ramps and meshes running over first storeys (the levels make beautiful use of that).

So here's a new take on the Mageslayer soundtrack - these are different mixes, unlike the original bleak and doomy soundtrack. These are my own mixes, made in 2013, with new soft synths and samples.

There're as few low-res samples (44/16) as possible, the only low-res instruments are some "real" strings, choir, and halo pad.

Again, this is very different to the original CD soundtrack, there's a more of an "arcade game" feel.

Some demos can be listened to here.

The whole soundtrack is downloadable here.
Download the Hexen Soundtrack.

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