Read this topic if you want to mod the game or use Assets

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Read this topic if you want to mod the game or use Assets

Postby BloodRayne » Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:08 pm

Q: Is it possible to mod Hexen:Edge of Chaos? I'd like to make my own maps and such!
A: Absolutely. We have included all the assets you need in order to mod the game. You can post in our forums for technical support, we might provide it, if time allows.

Q: Am I allowed to use your assets in my own mod?
A: On principle? NO.

But.... you can always contact us via the forum to ask for permission in using a certain asset if you find you can not live without.

Q: What will happen if I use your assets without asking?
A: We have literally worked for thousands of hours on the assets in this mod. Literally everything you see in the game was made by us or using free-for-all sources as reference material. If you use these assets in your own mod without asking permission. We will do everything in our power to publicly chastise you and make it known that you have used these assets without permission. We are tough, but fair.

Contact us if there is any doubt about any legal aspect of the mod.
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